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Description of Each Product:

  1. Lifting Lotion (#1 White Curling Agent) – Allows the eyelashes to curl naturally and beautifully.
  2. Setting Lotion (#2 White Fixative Agent) – Allows the curls to last approximately three months.
  3. Nourishing Lotion (#3 Clear Moisturizing Agent) – Enriches, repairs, and protects for a more natural eyelash look.
  4. Silicon Pads – Easy to use and designed with specially made silicon to provide an excellent curling angle.
  5. Glue (Laminating Agent) – Specially formulated to use with silicon pads with a gentle scent to avoid irritation. 

Useful Tips:

  • Silicon Pad sizes depend on lash length, not eye size
  • Q-Tips may be replaced by reusable Y-Brush
  • Aligning silicon pads to the center is easier than ends
  • Make sure lashes are fully separated to avoid clumping
  • Glue can be easily removed by using the nourishing lotion (#3 moisturizing agent)

  • Do not store in fridge or warm environment. Keep in cool, sealed area.
  • Do not use the same Q-Tip for steps 3-5.
  • Make sure bottles remain clean with no excess product inside the cap preventing the bottles to close all the way. Failure to close lid properly will affect the agents’ outcome.
  • Product is ONLY for eyelashes. Avoid getting in the eyes. Rinse with distilled water or artificial tears. In a rare case a reaction occurs, please seek medical attention.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from children.
  • This product is designed for beauticians and is for professional use only.

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